Bebcare Breathing Sensor Mat

Ease all your worries and anxieties and get a full night’s rest with the Bebcare Breathing Sensor Mat.Most new parents know what it is like to spend half the night checking in to see whether your precious little one is still breathing. Our sensor mat features three piezoelectric sensors in each board. The unique properties of piezo film as a dynamic sensor make it particularly well suited to the detection of vital signs, when in direct contact with the skin or through intervening layers. The mounts transfer breathing pressure from the plastic board into the sensor. The breathing processor will detect abnormal breathing patterns and sound an alarm if it detects a pause or irregularity in the baby’s breath. To increase the surface area, parents can simply connect two boards together.Taking only 3 AA batteries to ensure two months of battery life, the mat operates when used in conjunction with a Bebcare iQ, Motion, or Hear Baby Monitor.  Sleep well through the night knowing your child is safely, and happily asleep.



What’s included:

  • 1 x Breathing Sensor Mat
  • 1 x User manual
  • *To be used in conjunction with Bebcare monitors. Does not operate on its own.


Compatible with:

  • Bebcare iQ Wifi Video Baby Monitor
  • Bebcare Motion Video Baby Monitor
  • Bebcare Hear Audio Baby Monitor



  • Fully wireless
  • Operating frequency 863 – 870MHz
  • Battery life 60 days
  • Wireless technology with ultra-low power safe signal
  • Piezo-electric motion sensor technology that is well suited to the detection of vital signs.
  • Fully adjustable sensitivity
  • Functions breathing indicator, LED, Alarm snooze


Certification, Awards & Accreditations:

  • Conforms to IEC Safety Standards (IEC 60065)
  • Conforms to EN Safety Standards (EN 60065), Health (EN 50663), EMC (EN 301 489-1), Radio Spectrum (EN 300 220-1)
  • ICASA certified TA-2020/5408
  • Proud member of the US Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association
  • DSR Digital Safe Radio Ultra-Low Radiation
  • EMF Academy’s No.1 Low EMF Monitor of 2020


The science bit – LOW EMISSION – it matters more than we think!

  • Did you know that a baby’s brain absorbs 60% more radiation than the average adult? Or that a baby monitor 1 meter away from a crib emits the radiation equivalent to a cell phone tower 150 meters away?
  • A worrying majority of baby monitors available to parents today employ transmission technologies that emit strong doses of radiation, all through the day, and even when on standby. These operate at up to 2.4 Ghz: the same bandwidth used by microwave ovens. While radiation carries documented health risks for people of all ages, children and babies are especially vulnerable.
  • Bebcare’s patented radio technology emits 91% less wireless transmission.


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